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FIC: A Surprised Taste 1/1 Ryeowook/Changmin

Title: "A Surprised Taste"
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryeowook/Changmin

This fic is dedicated to and inspired by rainbowromance8 ♥
Many, many thanks to dark_n_silence for helping me beta, because I didn't want to do it myself this time.

He tasted of kiwis and spice the first time their mouths met, fused together by circumstance. Changmin wasn’t quite sure how or why it happened, but it did. Somewhere along the long line of friendship and love their lips met. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and now Changmin wasn’t sure he minded.

Ryeowook and Changmin had somehow become the best of friends. Time spent together was easy, never forced. Changmin was never forced to be something he wasn’t with Ryeowook. He could easily be himself, whether it be nerdy, goofy, or contemplative, Ryeowook took each side of Changmin in stride. That’s why he was his best friend. They could have as much fun doing laundry together as they did when they were having full out water gun fights in the living room.

“Jaejoong hyung’s going to kill you for this,” Ryeowook panted, out of breath, after one such fight. His head rested on Changmin’s stomach as the two of them sprawled across the floor, staring up at the ceiling together.

“No he’s not, because you are going to help me clean up all these puddles and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Changmin replied, yanking a lock of Ryeowook’s hair, just because he knew it annoyed him.

“Hey, no one said ANYTHING about cleaning. I am SO not going to help you clean up.” Ryeowook answered, starting to sit up to turn around and look down at Changmin.

“Turn about is fair play, Wook.” Changmin answered, pushing at Ryeowook so that he wobbled and then collapsed on top of Changmin again with a grunt. “I helped you clean last week, so that you wouldn’t get in trouble with Eeteuk.”

“Whatever…” Ryeowook responded, laying his head back on the younger man’s stomach. “Umm..Changmin?”


“Why is there a pair of boxers hanging from the ceiling fan?” Ryeowook asked, his voice full of amusement as he pointed up at them.

“Oi, that’s a very good question. You’ll probably have to ask Yoochun or Junsu about that.” Changmin replied, squinting up at the pair of boxers spinning lazily with each turn of the fan. “They look more like a pair that Yoochun has, but since we all pretty much just grab whatever’s clean half the time, they could belong to anyone.”

“Oh, so you are saying that you could have been having wild monkey sex and thrown your boxers up onto the ceiling fan?” Ryeowook began to laugh at the thought and rolled himself off of Changmin’s stomach.

“What the hell, Ryeo…” Changmin sat up and tackled his friend, wrestling with him across the living room, bickering back and forth about who was more likely to have random wild monkey sex in the living room. Changmin threatened to post half naked pictures of Ryeowook sleeping on the internet, and Ryeowook threatened to give out Changmin’s cell phone number to the crazy fangirl that worked at the corner grocery store. The “fight” ended with the two of them clutching their sides with laughter, Ryeowook sitting on the couch and Changmin on the floor.

Changmin extended his long frame on the floor, settling down on the hard surface and leaning his back against the couch. He grabbed a slice of kiwi from the table in front of him and popped it in his mouth, the sweet flavor spreading across his palate and bringing a pleased look to his face.

“You look content with yourself.” Ryeowook reached over and popped a kiwi in his own mouth, ruffling Changmin’s hair as he leaned across him.

“You know, you really need to stop that. I swear one of these days I’m going to shave all my hair off so no one can do that anymore.” Changmin answered by punching Ryeowook in the leg.

“That would be amusing, you’d look like a bald chipmunk.” Ryeowook pinched Changmin’s cheek as he said it.

“I swear, I think you have a fetish for my cheeks. I don’t know why though, when yours are so much more pinchable. They just beg for it.” Changmin swatted at Ryeowook’s hand.

“It’s all about the cute factor. They that have the cute, must pay the price.” Ryeowook reached over to pinch at Changmin’s cheek again but his hand was stopped mid-way.

“That’s it, you are so going down. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that I hate to have my cheeks pinched. Despite popular belief I am NOT six.” Changmin got to his knees and grabbed Ryeowook around the waist, catching him by surprise and throwing him to the floor. Changmin then grabbed a pillow off the couch and promptly began to bash Ryeowook upside the head with it.

“This will teach you to stop pinching my cheeks.” Changmin laughed as Ryeowook threw his arms up and tried to defend himself by grabbing Changmin’s arms. However, Ryeo wasn’t very effective because he was too busy laughing at the crazy look on Changmin’s face.

“You look like a deranged chipmunk now.” Ryeo spat at Changmin in-between attacks.

“You take such joy in making fun of me, I swear I don’t even know why I’m friends with you.” Changmin took one final swat at Ryeowook and left the pillow lying on his face. Ryeowook pushed the pillow aside and sat up next to Changmin, grabbing a kiwi off the table.

“You don’t really mean that, Shim Changmin, You know you love me and you’d be miserable without me.” Ryeowook looked over at his friend and smiled. Changmin’s face was flushed from the one-sided pillow fight and his hair was all disheveled, having fallen out of his hard won ponytail two swats into the match. Ryeowook reached up and pushed a stray lock out of Changmin’s face. Changmin looked up and met Ryeowook’s eyes and smiled.

“What do you mean, miserable? HAH! My life would be so much easier without you. No one around to ruffle my hair and pinch my cheeks every five minutes.” Changmin said as he reached over to demonstrate on Ryeowook.

Ryeowook swatted his hand away. “Please, there are still plenty of people in this world who will be more than happy to fill that role. Like your Dong Bang hyungs never do any of those things.” Ryeowook grabbed the last kiwi off the plate and began to pop it in his mouth, but Changmin was quick and leaned forward and ate it right out of his hand, his soft lips wrapping around Ryeowook’s fingers and sucking the fruit right out from between them. Ryeowook’s stomach did an odd flip at the touch of Changmin’s mouth.

“HEY! That was mine!” Ryeowook shouted, crossing his arms across his chest in half protest, half pout.

“Yeah, well, now it’s mine!” Changmin stuck out his tongue, gloating, the slice of kiwi sitting still whole on top of it.

Ryeowook didn’t think. He just reached over and grabbed the kiwi from Changmin’s tongue… with his mouth. Changmin’s eyes widened in surprise at the feeling of Ryeowook’s mouth on his. It was just a moment, but it was enough. He had felt the slide of Ryeowook’s tongue across his own as it claimed the fruit, and had felt his lips press up against his own for just a moment afterwards.

Changmin looked over at Ryeowook who was staring at the floor suddenly, and watched him as he swallowed the slice of kiwi with what seemed like extreme effort. Changmin’s heart was suddenly pounding in his head. Had his friend just kissed him? He was pretty sure that it was a kiss, maybe…

“I’m…I’m… I…I didn’t mean.. to..that is…” Ryeowook stammered, not quite sure of what he had done or even why.

“Ryeowook.” Changmin whispered his name.

Ryeowook looked up at Changmin and all Changmin could think of was that Ryeowook tasted of Kiwi and spice, and he liked both of those flavors. Changmin had been surprised by his friend’s action, but he wasn’t sure he minded. In fact, as he sat staring into Ryeowook’s eyes, he knew he didn’t mind.

Changmin leaned in towards Ryeowook slowly; Ryeowook just sat there, eyes wide and almost shocky. Changmin set his lips slightly on Ryeowook’s just testing things at first, and then he closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss. Ryeowook sat there motionless, not moving an inch. He was still somewhat mortified that he had let himself kiss his best friend. But now that best friend was kissing him back and the feather light touch of his lips sent a heat flushing through his system until it reached his brain, which finally kicked into autopilot and allowed Ryeowook to kiss back.

Changmin’s mouth parted and his tongue danced out to lick along Ryeowook’s mouth, seeking entrance. Ryeowook opened his mouth with a quiet moan, and allowed Changmin access. Their tongues met and tasted and touched, searching the hidden depths of each other’s mouths. Ryeowook found his hand tangled in Changmin’s hair, freeing it completely so that Ryeo could feel the soft thickness of it. It was everything that Ryeowook had thought it to be and more.

Changmin released Ryeowook’s mouth on a sigh and opened his eyes. He laid his forehead against Ryeo’s, one of his hands cupping Ryeowook’s face and the other resting lightly against his chest. He waited for Ryeowook to open his eyes before speaking.

“So, do I at least kiss better than a chipmunk?” Changmin smiled easily, trying to spare any awkwardness in the situation. Ryeowook chuckled and pulled back a little, loosing his fingers from Changmin’s hair. Changmin reached out and grabbed at Ryeowook’s hand, intertwining their fingers.

“Yeah, I guess you kiss alright… for a deranged chipmunk that is.” Ryeowook looked down at their fingers and then back up at Changmin.

“Deranged? I’ll show you deranged…” Changmin spouted as he grabbed at the pillow again and threatened to hit Ryeowook with it. Ryeowook was prepared this time though. He reached behind him and took the second couch pillow and met Changmin’s pillow in mid-swing. The two of them traded blows, getting up and running around the living room, laughing away the nervous energy created by their kiss.

“Just admit that I’m a good kisser and I’ll stop.” Changmin shouted as he took refuge behind the corner wall.

“Like you need anything else to swell your head.” Ryeowook called back from his position hiding just to the side of the couch.

“Fine, then, see if I ever kiss you again.” Changmin came flying out from around the corner, jumped atop the couch and swatted down at Ryeowook, scoring a good hit upon the top of his Hyung’s head.

“Like you could stop if you wanted to.” Ryeowook looked up into Changmin’s face and grinned, knowing that he had finally one upped him.

Changmin jumped off the couch and grabbed Ryeowook around the waist, pulling him into his arms and kissing him suddenly. Ryeowook melted into Changmin’s arms, his face tilting up to meet Changmin’s lips more soundly. When at last they parted, Changmin whispered, “I guess this time I’m okay with you being right.”

“Finally!” Ryeowook whispered back.
Tags: fandom: super junior, fandom: tvxq, pairing: ryeowook/changmin, rating: pg-13
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