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Untitled- Prologue

Title: Untitled
Length: Chaptered: PROLOGUE
Rating: Currently PG-13 for language, will be NC-17
Pairing(s): Koki/Jin, Jin/Ishihara Satomi, Koki/Sawajiri Erika
Summary: Akanishi Jin is a heartless bastard and murderer, on lockdown in a prison. Tanaka Koki is the guard assigned to duty. There's flashbacks, violence, sex and murder, what more could you want?

Author's Notes: Written as a collab. with ikujinashi. It's the first thing I've really written outside rp in a year. I'm pretty excited. So, just keep poking me to keep it going if you like. This is the prologue, unbeta'ed and completely raw. Tell us what you think. <3

'Slam'... The noise reverberated in the small concrete asylum that was to be the prisoner's home for quite a long time. It echoed and filled his every poor, ringing in his mind until all he could hear was the slamming of another door and a voice. Her voice.

// The door behind him slammed shut, and Jin grabbed Satomi by her hair to pull her closer. Ignoring her tears and begging to let her go, he pushed her away to the nearest wall. She sank down to the floor instantly, pulling her knees up and moving into the corner and hid her face in her arms as if that would keep him from coming closer.

"You," Jin said between gritted teeth as he delivered the first kick. It was quickly followed by another as he continued. "Lying, fucking whore!" the words were nothing from the usual, nor were the kicks but even so it seemed that she couldn't take it for too long and as she seemed to just relax a little, Jin leaned down and grabbed her by her collar. Dragging her out from the corner, he had her lay on the floor and he knelt next to her, still holding on to her shirt with one hand as he let the other brush away some strands of her hair from her face.

"Satomi," he whispered, his voice soft and the look in his eyes warm. "Satomi, tell me the truth, hm?" he continued and caressed her cheek lightly. "Who were you with?"


Like a deer caught in incoming headlights, Satomi's body sat rigid beneath that tight grasp. He'd promised, promised that he'd never touch her like this again. With tears pouring from his eyes, and his fingers still wet with blood, her blood, he swore on his life that the last time was really going to be the last time. And like a naive child, she'd believed him. Time and time again, she'd fallen for his lies, his gentle touch and suave looks. She'd melted under the weight of his voice as it cooed out her name, and gave over her body to the hands that knew just how to stroke her to the rapidest fire.

"Satomi".. The word sounded in her mind again, and she blinked rapidly, shocky eyes, and dark pupils searching to find a place to focus, anywhere but on his face. There was no way she could take that gaze. As his whisper seeped through her mind and curled its poison, the woman whimpered. What choice was there.

She'd been starving. Akanishi had taken the last of their money and gone gambling with it once again. Finding only a few rat eaten grains of rice, and soured milk, Satomi had broken the rules, his rules and called her parents to ask for a pittance of yen so that she could run to the store and buy just something, anything to feed her empty stomach and the babe she knew grew secretly inside. Jin wasn't supposed to be home. How could she have known that he'd be home so early?

But, he was and she was caught, caught climbing in through their bedroom window. He'd locked the door before she left, just to make sure she'd not leave to go be with 'her men', but unbeknownst to him, she had learned how to break the lock on the window and find freedom on the few rare nights she chanced it.

Back in the present, she quivered under that icy touch. Knowing, just knowing that tonight would be the night he didn't stop. "I- I- I- I just, just, went to get some food. We- we were out. I promise. That's it. There was no one Jin, no one." Working to stem the flow of tears, she kept her voice amazingly calm, knowing that anything could set him against her once more.


For a few seconds he just looked at her and gave her another few seconds. She could still change her mind, she could still change her story and somehow try to convince him. He would give her another few seconds. It would be a shame to just jump to conclusions otherwise, she had a pretty face, her eyes were beautiful but when she'd been crying and they were swollen, they just weren't as nice to look at.
Seconds passed though, and it already felt like minutes had become hours when Jin decided time was up. She had been given a chance to change her story, to at least try to make things prettier than they were but as she didn't take it, he just shook his head.

"We, huh," he said, his voice still low, barely above a whisper but the gentleness was completely gone and he looked at her with piercing eyes. "You fucking bitch!" Jin continued, his voice going from low to loud then, before he grabbed Satomi's collar again. The following things happened fast; he pulled her up slightly before slamming her head back down to the floor and got up to his feet to kick her three times in the stomach.

"You don't leave this fucking apartment without my permission!" he yelled. "I've told you so fucking many times, Satomi and you just won't get it!" He kicked her again and as she turned over to lie on the side, hoping that it would stop him, he simply kicked her back instead, pushing her towards the wall.

Cursing over her time and time again, he continued to kick her before he finally started to lose his balance completely and instead he fell down to his knees behind her, breathing heavily as he just looked at the small body in front of him. A couple of moments passed like that, without him doing anything and without Satomi daring to utter a single word. When he'd caught his breath, he reached out and grabbed her shoulder though, holding on to it in a comforting way.

"I love you...," he sighed, still slightly out of breath, as he pulled his other hand through his hair. "I just want for us to work this out... it shouldn't be so hard, right?" he stroke her arm gently and then moved a bit closer. "Right, Satomi? Just listen to what I say and things like these won't happen..."


The hands that flew up in front of her face were instinctive, but as soon as she'd placed them there, the thought of the life that grew in her womb drew them there. Huddled into the smallest of balls, Satomi took kick after kick. feeling blood vessels break and light burst within the back of her mind.

Something wet and moist ran down her face, and she had no idea if it was tears or blood, or some combination thereof. Calling out to him, she tried to stop him, tried to get him to see the small bag that she'd brought in filled with meager rations, supplies that would keep her and the unborn baby alive.

But then he was kicking her stomach, knocking against it over and over, pain broke red hot and shot through her body. She knew that this was it. Darkness, a cold welcome opened its arms and drew her into its embrace. It took her just as she heard that snake slither along her side and sing its song to her. "I love you..." those were the last conscious words she heard, and then she felt nothing, and knew nothing.

Blood, bright and red grew in a near pool between her legs, drenching the oversized sweatpants she had on. For never ever was she allowed to wear anything close to revealing or form-fitting unless it was for him. Blood, sticky and warm also matted the corner of her temple where his foot had struck a long gash, cluttering her hair and turning rich brown locks a mottled shade of black.


For a few moments Jin simply thought she wasn't responding because of what had happened. It wouldn't be the first time after all, it would make sense if she didn't want to talk to him after he'd been angry - it had happened before. But as seconds became minutes, he rocked her shoulder slightly and eventually pulled her over to her back.

"Satomi...," he mumbled as he saw how she had her eyes closed and immediately put his hand against her cheek. "Satomi... Satomi!" he called out to her and shook her shoulder but when she didn't reply at all, he eventually backed up. The thought, very scary thought of that she might be dead hit him and he looked at her - from top to toe and when she still hadn't opened her eyes, he backed up even before before getting up to his feet.

Forgetting about the cell phone he had in his pocket, he rushed out to the hallway and grabbed the phone there to call for an ambulance. She had fainted, he thought and nodded to confirm this with himself. They had been fighting and he had pushed her and then she had hit her head and fainted...

When the phone call had been made and he'd given the person on the other line, Jin stumbled back against the wall and sank down to the ground. Thoughts and scenarios ran through his head and all of them had the same ending: that he was left alone and Satomi was gone. It was his doing, wasn't it? It was his fault.

While sitting on the floor like this, somewhere in the back of his head he heard knocks on the door but too caught up in his own thoughts he couldn't get up and open the door. The thoughts of being left here without Satomi scared him - it made him feel completely helpless and realizing this he knew that... there was no way he would ever be able to live without her. There was no way he would ever be able to go through a whole day without knowing that she was by his side, if she were to leave him...

Despite being aware, and answering the questions that the nurses asked him, Jin had no idea of what was going on. He slowly managed to get up to his feet and somehow stand straight but it wasn't enough to bring him back to reality. He could sense a panic attack coming up and to stop that he needed to calm down, he had to calm down or he would freak out any moment now. Maybe he would have a nervous break down or maybe he would do something else - honestly he had no idea. All he was sure of now was that needed to calm down.

"I'll get there later...," Jin mumbled to the personnel then as he left the apartment, the paramedics still inside, checking up on Satomi. She was in good hands now, Jin thought. She was in good hands with people who would save her life and then after that she would get back home to him. Thinking of this calmly was of course what he wanted to do, but as moments passed, and seconds became minutes, it was getting more, and more difficult to breathe. Pulling at his collar, he leaned against the elevator's doors and once it reached the first floor he stumbled out and ran out through the entrance. He had to get away, he needed to calm down, he had to...

It felt as if he had been running for hours, when in reality it was probably just a few minutes, before he turned into a backstreet and bumped into someone on his way. Wanting to run, Jin didn't listen when the guy called back for him but when something was thrown over his head and landed on the ground before him, he stopped and turned around. This guy looked huge - despite being smaller than Jin himself - and his eyes were black. They were dark and endless and his voice was much lower than Jin ever had heard anyone speak before. The words he said echoed and it was those sound waves that crawled into Jin's ear and left the word 'murderer' to echo in his head.

"Shut up," Jin mumbled as he glared at the man before him, the man that only seemed to grow in size for each breath Jin took. Size never had mattered much though and this was no exception. No matter how big the opponent was, if a fight was picked Jin was never one to say no. Especially not now, not when he was falsely accused. Satomi wasn't dead, he would never kill her. However this guy wouldn't stop and thus Jin ran back towards the guy and started the fight with grabbing his shirt and throw him to the nearest wall. //
Tags: kat-tun, pairing: koki/jin, rating: pg-13
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