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A Snippet of Want

Title: "A Snippet of Want"
Length: Oneshot - Brain Dribble.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jaeho
Summary: After the SM Concert, they just can't help themselves.

Author's Notes: Un-beta'ed, and just a brief little snippet of something aoishinjitsu halfway requested in one of her posts. My brain felt like writing a little smut on three hours sleep and this is what it came up with. It was just a comment to begin with- but it's been so long since I've posted anything I've written I figured I'd share. Enjoy. ♥

The Request:
I have the sudden desire to watch Yunho jack himself off while JaeJoong finger-fucks him

The Response:
"Oh fuck..." Jaejoong groans, the words barely comprehendable because they are drowned out by the moan that follows them. The lips that the moan fell from were indeterminable and inconsequential by now. The sights, the sounds, the smells... all of it, bringing him closer and closer to that very fine edge, and he hasn't even touched himself yet.

Instead, his eyes are riveted, fixed on five strong digits as they pump furiously in desperation. Jaejoong's own fingers are sliding in and out of the other man's body with ease, keeping pace with that desperation. The desperation that had begun on stage and only built, until it played out. Two bodies and mouths coming together, hungry, heated, banging 'round and 'round knocking into walls, a water fountain and who else knows what until a door slammed behind them.

Raven black hair clings to the dancers's face, his mind gloriously blank except for the driving force of his need. Yunho's finger-tips (the ones not previously occupied) clutch none to gently to Jaejoong's bare shoulder, trying to find some anchor, something to hold him here to this world, this existence, this wall as his body climbs up, up, up... There is no higher he thinks and then Jaejoong does something, pushing deeper and at a new angle and Yunho's cries are loud enough to have the backstage crew avoiding the dressing area.
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