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FIC: A Sense of Home 1/1 YooSu

Title: "A Sense of Home"
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Yoosu
Summary: Just a tiny little drabble about Junsu's sense of home.

Yes, I'm still alive. My muse has been away on vacation, but I'm hoping she returns soon. =D

Home is the feeling of comfort that washes over me when I walk through the door and see you curled up on the couch asleep, your toes sticking out of the raggedy quilt that lies haphazardly across your body.

Home is the rush of adrenaline that flushes through my system when I hear you call out my name when we are wrapped together; our two bodies moving as one, your sweat soaked skin moving against mine in an intimate dance that only we share.

Home is the flood of nostalgia that comes over me when I smell fresh cut grass and think of the day you confessed to me in the park as we sat on a checkered blanket and looked up at the clouds as they moved lazily across the sky, your cheeks flushed and your voice soft as you told me that you love me.

Home is the whisper of love that sweeps through my heart as I taste the salt of your tears, kissing them away after our performance on stage, huddled back against the curtain hiding our embrace from prying eyes, your tears flowing freely and mixing with mine, our bodies and minds emotionally and physically used up until there’s nothing left to do but hold each other and cry.

Home is the sensation of peace I feel at your touch when you come into my bed at night, the bed groaning softly as you slip between the covers, your body pressing in close to mine as you wrap your arms tightly around me, nuzzling the back of my neck with your nose a little before your breathing grows deep and you drift off to sleep.

Home is where I find you, and you fill my senses until each one is but a reflection of you and the love that I have for you, for you are as essential to me as each of them.
Tags: fandom: tvxq, pairing: yoosu, rating: pg-13
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