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FIC: My Heart's Dream 6A/7 JaeHo, YooSu

Title: "My Heart's Dream"
Length: Part 6A of Seven
Rating: PG-13 (w/2 NC-17 Pullouts -chpts 5 & 7)
Pairings: Jaeho, Yoosu, a wee bit of Jaemin to move the story and Yoosumin.
Summary: Yunho's dating and miserable, Jaejoong's in love, Changmin's sowing his oats, and Yoosu get to sit back and watch all the fun unfold.
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Yay! Back to the Jaeho... This is going to be posted in two shorter parts due to my need for sleep. ♥ Thanks for reading.

This part dedicated to my soul, aoishinjitsu, the Jae to my Chunnie; I'll be missing you while you are gone.

Part One (PG-13)/Part Two (PG-13)/Part Three (PG-13)/Part Four (PG-13)/Part Five A (R)/Part Five B (NC-17)

Yunho opened the front door. He kicked off his shoes and walked into the living room. The house was completely still. The only sound Yunho heard was the clock on the wall as it counted away the seconds of his life. Yunho walked over to the kitchen. There was a note scrawled out on a scrap piece of paper.

We went out for food, you know where to find us if you want to. Don’t forget the photo shoot today. It was written by Yoochun, but signed Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin.

Hmmm, Yunho thought, no Jaejoong. He looked at the watch on his wrist. It was the one he had received ages ago on Starwatch. Jaejoong had been particularly taken with it. Yunho remembered how Jae had placed it on his own wrist, wondering over it before deciding that Yunho should keep it because he was the first one to open the box. Yunho chuckled, that was such a fun day. It seemed like ages ago. It was before things had become so odd or awkward between them. “Yeah, before I fell in love with him.” Yunho said aloud just to hear the sound of his own voice.

He ran his fingers back and forth on the table, thinking about that statement. He was in love with Jaejoong. There was no use in denying it, not after what happened last night. But now what? Could the two of them really be together? Was life that simple? Yunho had spent all night thinking about it. He went down to the Han River and walked until he collapsed into a heap of emotion and exhaustion.

Occasionally he grew tired of always being the strong leader-shii, he too needed someone to lean on. Thinking back, Yunho suddenly realized that that someone who had always been there was Jaejoong. Over the years Yunho had learned that when he needed someone, Jaejoong was always there, Yunho never even had to ask.

Yunho sat down at the empty table, his insides suddenly feeling as cold as the hard jade surface beneath him. He placed his head in his hands and rubbed at his tired eyes. His fingers raked through his un-styled hair. Yunho had made up his mind. He would stop all the endless dating, he would…


Yunho jumped at the sound, he had thought himself alone.

“Hey back.” Yunho replied.

Jaejoong came up behind him, walked around and sat down in the chair next to him.

“You’re back.” Jae stated.

“Yeah” Yunho didn’t even know what to say. All the grand plans and thoughts in his head all vanished into the awkwardness of the moment. Jaejoong looked over at Yunho. He decided last night that he was done playing games and that he was done waiting. Yunho was his; there was not another soul on this earth meant for him. Yunho and him belonged together.


They both spoke at the same time. Their eyes met and everything stopped. Time was frozen for just that moment. In that moment of silence a hundred things were said. The words that seemed so hard to say moments ago were indifferent now. Jaejoong and Yunho already knew each other so intimately that this one moment was all it took.

Yunho got up out of his chair and walked over to Jaejoong. He leaned down and placed both of his hands on the armrests, cocooning Jaejoong between the chair and himself. He then leaned in close to Jae and touched his lips experimentally to Jae’s. Yunho’s heart began to beat faster. He kept his eyes open at first, looking deeply at Jaejoong, as Jae’s eyes fluttered closed.

“How could I have waited so long?” Yunho whispered against Jaejoong’s mouth before pressing his lips fully against Jae’s. Yunho shut his eyes and let his mouth see and feel for him. He ran his tongue along Jae’s silken lips in a quest for entrance. Jaejoong’s lips parted with a sigh and his tongue met with Yunho’s in an ageless dance of intimacy.

Yunho lifted one of his hands and cupped the back of Jae’s head lovingly. They both poured years of unspoken desires into that one kiss. Yunho slowly lowered himself to his knees, placing himself between Jaejoong’s parted legs, one hand still reaching up, clinging to Jae, the other hand reaching around to pull Jaejoong closer into his embrace.

“Jaejoongah” Yunho breathed into Jae’s mouth, moving his lips down Jaejoong’s chin to kiss along his neckline. Jae’s head rocked back and he brought both of his hands up to tangle in Yunho’s hair.

“Jaejoong” Yunho breathed again, he couldn’t get enough of Jae, his name, his body, his scent, his flavor… Yunho kissed along Jaejoong’s face and neck “You are like a dream, to me, an unattainable goal, I always desired and yet kept myself from having…” pausing between words to taste and savor.

Yunho pulled back for a moment to look Jaejoong in the eyes.

“I love you.” He stared into the fathomless depths that were Jaejoong’s eyes and knew that his love was returned ten-fold. As with earlier, there was never any true need for words, yet Yunho desired to hear them spoken aloud.

“I love you too, Yunhoyah, and I have for a long time now. A small smile spread across Jaejoong’s lips as he leaned down and began to pull Yunho’s shirt up and over his head.

“I have loved you, desired you and waited for you before I even knew you existed. I knew that there would always be only one person for me. You are that one, now I need to taste you.” Jaejoong finished pulling off Yunho’s shirt and had pulled Yunho up so that he could run his mouth along Yunho’s shoulders when he heard keys in the door.

Jaejoong sighed and placed another small kiss on Yunho’s lips before pulling away. Changmin and Yoochun walked in first, not paying any mind to the two sitting at the table. Yoochun reached out and grabbed Changmin, pulling him in for a long, deep kiss, whispering something in his ear before releasing him with a pat on the ass. Changmin laughed and turned to Junsu who had just entered. Changmin passed along the kiss and the whisper, grabbing at Junsu’s hand and pulling him back towards the bedroom.

“The photo shoot’s in 15 minutes, there’s not enough time!” Junsu laughed as Changmin pulled at him.

Jaejoong made a strange noise, somewhere between a laugh, a snort and a cough. Yunho just stayed where he was, sitting topless between Jaejoong’s legs with his mouth hanging agape. Yoochun finally looked over and nudged Changmin, who looked up, diverting his attention from Junsu, which caused him to look up. All five members stood there in silence, each person’s brain attempting to make the logical conclusions.

Yoochun started grinning and walked over to Jaejoong and Yunho. He fwapped Yunho upside the head.


“Heeey, what was that for?” Yunho attempted to push back from Jaejoong, in order to relieve some of the awkwardness, but Jae clenched his knees, and locked his legs around Yunho, not allowing him the space he was seeking.

“Because, I’ve been dying to do that to you for a year now. Do you know all that Jae’s…”

Jae reached out and swatted a hand half-heartedly at Yoochun.


“Jae? What Jaejoong’s been going through? What about what I’ve been through?” Yunho began to protest.

“You two just behave and stop it!” Jaejoong exclaimed, patting Yoochun on the rear in a mock spank, before leaning forward to press his lips up against Yunho’s. Yunho resisted for a moment, unsure about the public display of affection, but he couldn’t hold out against Jaejoong’s lips for long and soon melted into the kiss.

Jaejoong broke the kiss with a small nibble on Yunho’s lip and then a lick to pull away the sting. Jae looked back up at his band mates, his lips red and swollen from the delectable kiss.

“This, right here, is all that matters now.” He said as he ran his fingers through Yunho’s hair and placed a gentle kiss on his head.
Changmin and Junsu had moved over to the table while Jaejoong and Yunho had been kissing. Yoochun slipped a hand into Changmin’s back pocket and stood there grinning like a fool.

“If you say so Jae”

“Of course I say so. I’m happy and you should be happy for me.”

“You know I wouldn’t want any thing less for my best friend.” Yoochun stated, reaching forward and leaning down to kiss Jaejoong on the top of the head.

“Hey! You! Back off, he’s mine.” Yunho chuckled. “It looks like you’ve got your hands full enough.” Yunho stated, more comfortable with the situation at hand.

He had Jaejoong in his arms finally and his band members actually accepted this. Heck, they looked happy….a little too happy, Yunho thought. His brain had made all the logical conclusions when he saw them walk in the door, but he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to dwell on it. Well, he thought, at least they are keeping Changmin happy.

Yunho’s thoughts drifted back into the conversation when he heard mentions of photo shoot and leaving in ten minutes. Yunho’s eyes met Jaejoong’s and he groaned. They both realized what that meant for them. They wouldn’t have any time alone again until late tonight.

Yunho watched as Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu scampered back towards their rooms, flirting, laughing and groping at each other.

Jaejoong leaned down and rested his forehead against Yunho’s. “Life hates us. I want you. I want you now, and now we have to go be beautiful for the rest of the world. I’m feeling selfish. I don’t want to share you right now, now that I’ve finally found you.” Jaejoong linked his fingers with Yunho and pressed his body closer.

“It’s…just…one…photo…shoot.” Yunho replied, kissing Jaejoong’s full lips in between each word.

Yunho licked at Jae’s lips, first tasting his upper lip and then his lower. Jaejoong opened his mouth and feasted on Yunho. Yunho leaned forward, pushing Jae back in the chair, his hands running up Jaejoong’s thighs to wrap around his back. Jaejoong settled back in the chair, arms wrapped around Yunho…touching… finally touching every thing he could.

“Are you…” Jaejoong breathed up against Yunho’s mouth between heated kisses.

“…sure that…” their tongues met in space, Yunho tasting Jaejoong’s passion, their desperation mutual.

“…we have to…” Jaejoong’s mind was incapable of finishing the thought so lost in his need for Yunho.

Yunho broke the kiss, his whole body feeling bereft at the loss of contact. He brought a hand back around and feathered it across Jae’s cheek, marveling over it’s rosy perfection.

“Yes, my love, we have to go to the shoot.” Yunho leaned back into Jaejoong and nuzzled Jae’s chest with his head, breathing him in, surrounding himself with Jae’s scent, and his strength.

Throughout all of history, behind great leaders, one will often find an even stronger partner. Yunho thought of this as he recounted his earlier realization that his strength and support had always been Jaejoong. He reveled in the thought now, his heart almost bursting with love, need, desire and respect for the man whose heart beat strong beneath him. Yunho’s arms tightened around Jaejoong and the desire that had been burning in his loins moments ago, moved into his heart and settled there, squeezing tears from his eyes due to its intensity.

“I don’t ever want to walk this road without you again.” Yunho muttered into Jae’s chest.

Jaejoong sensed the sudden change in Yunho’s demeanor and curved his arms around the man, running his hands through his hair.

“Do you really think I’d ever let you go? Heck, do you really think I wasn’t always there beside you in the first place?” Jaejoong kissed the top of Yunho’s head and they sat there for a few more moments. The still quiet of the early evening had settled in the kitchen. The clock ticked, time moved, but once again for them it was a moment of eternity, a spot in their lives forever remembered, seared on their souls.

Yunho finally broke the moment slowly by standing. He pulled Jaejoong up, kissed him again, tenderly and softly, pouring all the sentiment of the moment into the kiss. When he pulled back, it was all he could do to let Jaejoong leave his arms.

Jae’s body mourned the loss of contact with its other half. He knew that they had work to do, but every inch of him was screaming to cling to Yunho and make him his. He watched as Yunho leaned over to pick up his shirt, watching again those lean muscles move and shift, but now knowing how they felt beneath his hands. His mind flashed images of those muscles in motion, moving against him slick with sweat and desire. Jaejoong shook his head slightly and walked over to get a glass of water.

Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu emerged from Changmin’s room flushed and disheveled. Jaejoong blinked and looked down at his watch…less than ten minutes, “there’s no way” he whispered, “nuh-uh, they couldn’t possibly…” But then he recounted some of the things that Yoochun had discussed with him and he chuckled. Perhaps…hrm…perhaps indeed.


Okay, so due to need for sleep I divided this part in two. Don't hate! Not to mention I didn't even get to post it due to LJ maintenence. *kicks LJ* ♥ I shall post the end (minus the Jaeho smex~ part 7) VERY soon!♥
Tags: fandom: tvxq, pairing: jaeho, pairing: jaemin, pairing: yoosu, pairing: yoosumin, rating: pg-13
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