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FIC: My Heart's Dream 4/7 JaeHo, YooSu

Title: "My Heart's Dream"
Length: Part Three of Seven?
Author: Micchan (catlaydi/mistrals_kiss)
Rating: PG-13 -15? (With two NC-17 Pullouts)
Pairings: Jaeho, Yoosu, a wee bit of Jaemin to move the story and Yoosumin.
Summary: Yunho's dating and miserable, Jaejoong's in love, Changmin's sowing his oats, and Yoosu get to sit back and watch all the fun unfold.
x-posted to: jaeho_detox, hug______

This is a short chapter, but I wanted to post a little before my big move. ^^ Hope you enjoy!!! ♥

Part One (PG-13)/Part Two (PG-13)/Part Three (PG-13)

“You did what?” Yoochun stared at Changmin in disbelief.

“You heard me the first time you idiot. I kissed him. K. I. S. S. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the concept before.” Changmin wanted to toss the bowl he was holding at Yoochun.

Changmin was in a quandary. He just didn’t know what to do. He knew that something had happened with Jaejoong & Yunho after he kissed Jaejoong last night, because Yunho didn’t come home all night and Jaejoong had locked himself in his room with strict orders only to be disturbed if Yunho came home.

Junsu strode into the kitchen lazily wearing only his boxers, which had little bunnies and sheep printed all over them. He was running his hand through his spiky hair, his eyes still heavy with sleep. He slowly walked over to where Yoochun was sitting and leaned over and planting a good morning kiss on his head.

“Did I hear something about kissing?” Junsu asked on a yawn.

Junsu looked around the table for a seat. Changmin was seated to Yoochun’s left and the chair was missing to Yoochun’s right. He must have left it in the living room yesterday while he was playing games. He shrugged then and decided to forgo a chair in favor in Yoochun’s lap. Changmin looked at the two of them and rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I had my first kiss yesterday.” Changmin answered, attempting to keep his eyes and thoughts off of the couple so intimately seated next to him.

He just couldn’t decide whether he should be happy or upset about the kiss. At the moment it happened everything had seemed so clear, but now that Changmin’s mind wasn’t so clouded by desire, he was able to worry about all of the repercussions. Min decided that didn’t regret the kiss in the least. He could finally admit to himself that he had been dreaming about kissing one of his hyungs for a long time, but he was really hoping that his kiss didn’t hurt Jaejoong. He was only trying to help. Changmin kept replaying that desperate look in Jae’s eyes and he knew that if he had it to do all over again, he’d do the same thing.

Suddenly Changmin became aware of Junsu calling him. “Earth to Changmin! Hello? Anyone home?” Junsu was waving his hand in an attempt to catch Min’s eyes.

“Wow! That must have been some kind of kiss to put that glazed look in your eyes. So, who was the lucky girl? I don’t recall you having a date last night. Although I do have to admit to being a bit preoccupied.” Junsu claimed as he leaned over to nip at Yoochun’s ear lobe. Yoochun batted at Junsu playfully, while locking eyes with Changmin.

“At least now Chunnie and I don’t have to hide the fa….”

“Jaejoong.” Changmin whispered.

“…ct that we are dati…WHAT? What did you just say?” Junsu pulled away from Yoochun and looked back and forth between Changmin and Yoochun. He finally realized that there was tension in the air, a static spark running throughout the room.

“Jaejoong, I kissed Jaejoong last night after I left you two.” Changmin glanced over at Junsu whose mouth was hanging agape.

“Oh shut your mouth Junsu.” Yoochun set down bowl and lifted Junsu’s jaw with his long fingers.

“It’s just that…whoa…I really didn’t see that coming, is all. I always thought Changmin’s first kiss would be from a girl.” Junsu exclaimed.

“Well, I didn’t exactly plan for this to happen.” Changmin started to explain. “It just happened. Last night, well, let me just say that Jaejoong needed a kiss last night, and for that matter…so did I! I don’t feel like explaining it all now. What I’m worried about is the fact that Yunho found us. I’m just hoping that it shocked him into admitting his feelings for Jae.”

“Ohhhhhh, uh, oh, is this good or bad?” Junsu asked still looking between his lover and Changmin.

Changmin just shrugged and began to worry his lower lip as he aimlessly traced random patterns on the hard surface of their table. He looked down at his hand and stared at it, searching for some unknown wisdom.

Junsu took that time to study his younger bandmate. Over the past year and a half, Changmin had gone from having an air of attractive youthfulness to being a downright sexy man. In fact, Junsu and Yoochun had actually talked about just that thing after Junsu’s statement yesterday about Changmin joining in their little tryst. Living in such close quarters for so long lends itself to becoming intimate with each other emotionally and in some cases physically.

That was just the case for Yoochun and Junsu. They had fallen for each other hard shortly after the band had formed. They had remained best friends and denied their attraction for over a year and a half but eventually they ended up exploding, and ravishing each other one night backstage after a performance. Junsu chuckled at the thought and leaned over to kiss Yoochun. Chun met the kiss and responded by wrapping his arms around Junsu. Yoochun could never resist Junsu’s kisses, ever. It was if Junsu was a drug he couldn’t quit, and to be honest, Chun didn’t really want to.

Junsu wiggled his hips a little and resituated himself so that he was straddling Yoochun, wrapping his arms around him. Junsu could still taste the sweetness of Chun’s cereal on his lips and tongue. Yoochun’s tongue tangled with Junsu’s as if it were searching for some hidden pleasure which could only be found in Junsu’s mouth. Yoochun had the most amazing tongue, the things he could do with it… A loud banging on the table interrupted Junsu’s thoughts.

Changmin was once again staring at his two hyungs, and once again his body was reacting. What was with him lately? How could he go from thinking he was completely straight to having this fierce need growing inside him?

“Hello!” We were talking about MY problem here!” Changmin stood up in frustration. That was his first mistake. Walking over to where Junsu and Yoochun were seated was his second.

Yoochun peeked around Junsu and noticed that Changmin seemed to have several problems at the moment. Chun nudged Junsu and whispered something in his ear. Junsu’s eyes sparkled deviously. Junsu’s sweet lamb-like innocence was shattered with that one look.

Changmin caught a glimpse of it and took a step back unconsciously. Junsu took that opportunity to untwine himself from Yoochun and stand up. This put him standing almost directly in front of Changmin. Junsu reached out and ran a finger softly down the front of Changmin’s gray tank top. Changmin looked up into Junsu’s eyes in surprise, and then looked over at Yoochun who was leaned back in his chair.

Junsu ran his fingertips along the base of Changmin’s top, making brief contact with skin in the place where his shirt had bunched up along the top of his sweat pants. Changmin let out a shuttered breath, his brain attempting to process the sensations of Junsu’s fingers and the reasons for them at the same time. He failed.

“Seems to me that the problem between our hyungs is a matter for them to settle. I don’t think you did any harm in kissing Jaejoong. Heck, if anything, you kicked the proverbial ball into high speed. Those two have been so pent up with sexual frustration for each other for so long that if something didn’t happen soon I’m sure one of them or both of them would have spontaneously combusted.”

“Yeah, that or they would have ended up in some mad shag backstage during a costume change.” Yoochun piped in, winking at Junsu.

“Either way,” Su continued, “you did them a favor. I have a question for you though. Why did YOU need a kiss so badly that you would have made such a bold move with Jaejoong?”

“Uh…well…that is…”Changmin stammered as Junsu began to run his fingers up under Min’s shirt, slowly back and forth across his stomach. “What I’m trying to say is that, well…watching you two…well…it, uh, it just did something to me. Ignited some fire inside of me I didn’t even know was there.”

Junsu pulled Changmin into him meeting need with need. He leaned into Min and placed a small chaste kiss on his lips, whispering up against them.

“Fires are dangerous to play with. You better let Yoochun and I help you with this one.”
With that said, Junsu flicked his tongue across Changmin’s lips, hooked his finger in the front of Min’s pants and began to drag him back to the bedroom. Yoochun sat there for a moment, his heart pounding rapidly. He never ceased to be amazed at how sexy and seductive Junsu could be.

“This should be fun, I wonder who gets to top this time…” He whispered to himself as he pushed back from the table and headed back to the bedroom.


Please note that the next part will be what happens AFTER Junsu drags Changmin away. It will be NC-17 and is made so that it isn't essential to the plot. However, due to it's content and my semi-cautious nature it will be friends locked. So, if you want to read it you will have to join michan_no_yume
Tags: fandom: tvxq, pairing: jaeho, pairing: jaemin, pairing: yoosu, pairing: yoosumin, rating: pg-13
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