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FIC: My Heart's Dream 3/7 JaeHo, YooSu

Title: "My Heart's Dream"
Length: Part Three of Seven?
Author: mistrals_kiss
Rating: PG-13 -15 (With 2 NC-17 Pull-outs)
Pairings: Jaeho, Yoosu, a wee bit of Jaemin to move the story and Yoosumin.
Summary: Yunho's dating and miserable, Jaejoong's in love, Changmin's sowing his oats, and Yoosu get to sit back and watch all the fun unfold.

Sorry took so long to update! Hope you enjoy!!! ♥

Part One (PG-13)/Part Two (PG-13)

Yunho stood in the doorway, staring at his two band mates, unable to process what he was seeing. They were sharing an intimate conversation and staring into each other’s eyes, their bodies locked together and their hands…

Yunho’s mind suddenly went blank and he blinked slowly, watching as Jaejoong leaned in to kiss Changmin. Suddenly he was aware of a tightening in his chest and a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. It couldn’t be, not Changmin, not Jaejoong, not like this. He let out a somewhat strangled cry of surprise and fled the room.

Yunho ran into the music room and closed the door behind him. He reached up, touching his cheeks gently, and felt a foreign dampness on his face. Tears? Why tears? He had no right, no reason for tears. He may not of had the right for tears, but still they came.

Yunho had finally come to terms with his heart. He’d been miserable for ages now. He just couldn’t get Jaejoong out of his mind. Jae’s eyes were the first thing he thought of when he woke up, and Jae’s body somehow always ended up being the last thing he thought of before he fell asleep at night, which inevitably led to problems with him falling asleep.

What the HELL was Changmin doing kissing the man he loved? Loved? No, he wouldn’t think about that now. Come to think of it, it looked more like Jae was kissing Min. How could that be? How could they betray Yunho like that? Yunho was perplexed. He often felt like Jaejoong had feelings for him but he just always took it for granted that Jaejoong would always be there for him. Not that he wanted him like that…right?

Yunho had tried desperately to convince himself that he didn’t need Jaejoong, that he was just feeling frustrated by all the long hours the band required. Things were complicated because of all the time they all spent together. The band did everything together as a unit. In many ways they were closer than most families. Yunho had almost convinced himself that it was only fanservice when Jaejoong and he shared lingering glances and touched just a bit more frequently than they should. He had ALMOST convinced himself…

Yunho had even begun attempting to appear less close to Jaejoong lately. In an attempt to act more like the leader of the group, he separated himself. He worked hard to appear completely impartial, making sure to pay attention to each member of the group equally…right?

Jaejoong however, had never seemed to waiver. Jaejoong never failed to mention that Yunho was the manliest, or that he was Jae’s idol. Jaejoong had never failed Yunho, that was until now… Yunho stepped over to the wall and banged his head up against its cold hard surface. He just didn’t know what to think.

Yunho looked up when he heard a knock at the door.

“Yunhoyah, it’s me…let me in…. please?” Jaejoong pleaded from the other side of the door. He had placed one hand up against the door, and one against his chest, where his heart seemed to be screaming inside him.

The last thing that Yunho wanted to do that moment was to let Jaejoong see his tears. Yunho was sure that Jaejoong and Changmin had heard him in the doorway. He was sure that they had seen him flee the room.

“Yunho, don’t do this to me. Please don’t shut me out any longer.” Jaejoong’s voice hitched when he said Yunho’s name. Yunho could hear the tears in his voice. Why should Jaejoong be crying? Yunho’s heart was already pounding. He didn’t think he could suffer Jae’s tears, so he went against everything his brain was screaming at him, and turned around and unlocked the door.

“It’s open.” Yunho stated, his deep voice sounding hollow and lost.

Jaejoong turned the handle slowly and pushed the door open. He stood there, framed in the doorway, staring at Yunho’s strong back.

“I know you saw Changmin and I.” Jae stated flatly as he finally stepped into the room.

Yunho didn’t utter a sound. He couldn’t. How could he say anything when he was standing there with his heart on his sleeve? Suddenly aware of the fact that it never belonged to him in the first place. It had always been Jae’s. Seeing Jaejoong’s lips on Changmin’s had been the single most painful, heart breaking, soul wrenching moment of his life.

Yunho slowly turned around to face Jaejoong, his heart shinning clearly in his dark eyes. Jaejoong looked into Yunho’s eyes and immediately crossed the distance between them. He walked up to Yunho and did the only thing he could think of doing, the thing that he had been dreaming about doing since he had fallen in love with him years ago.

Kim Jaejoong kissed Jung Yunho, and into that kiss he poured every ounce of pent up passion, frustration, desire, tension and love. The meeting of their lips set off a chain reaction. Yunho wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s slim frame, his emotions crashing up against Jaejoong’s, igniting passions even further.

“Jaejoongah,” Yunho moaned into Jae’s mouth as his hands began a frenzied exploration. Yunho moved his hands up from Jaejoong’s waist, along his well-muscled chest and over his shoulders to clutch at the back of Jae’s neck. The hair on the back of Jae’s neck felt like the softest down. Yunho feathered his fingers back and forth across Jaejoong’s neck, tilting Jae’s head slightly to deepen the kiss. Jae tasted of something spicy and exotic, something that reminded Yunho of stormy nights and silken sheets. It was amazing that a kiss could elicit such vivid images in his head.

Jaejoong had just about lost all sense of time, reason and control. He tugged at Yunho’s shirt, frustrated with the five buttons that stood between him and Yunho’s warm flesh. He managed to undo the first two before ripping through the rest of them in haste.

Jaejoong broke the kiss and Yunho let out a sigh, which quickly turned into groans of pleasure as Jaejoong ran his hands up Yunho’s bare flesh and flicked his fingers across Yunho’s nipples. Jae’s fingers circled Yunho’s taunt peaks, causing a shiver to course throughout Yunho’s body.

Jaejoong’s mouth met Yunho’s once again, tongues clashing briefly before he moved to lick the lines of Yunho’s corded neck. Jaejoong stopped to lick and nibble at the tender, sensitive spot where Yunho’s neck met his clavicle. He marked Yunho there, making a stake of his claim. Amidst the haze of lust and emotions raging in Jaejoong’s system there was also an air of determination. Jaejoong had suffered silently for years and now that Yunho was here in his arms, Jae was determined he never leave.

Yunho threw back his head and cupped Jae’s head as it suckled at his chest. Of all the times Yunho had attempted to give himself to others, he had never made it this far. He had never known such a fierce longing or need as the one he was experiencing now. He needed Jaejoong, he needed his mouth on his and the feeling of his body pressed up against his.

Jaejoong pulled himself away from Yunho’s body for a moment and looked into Yunho’s eyes. He saw the clouded look of desire and the haze that their passion had ignited. Yet he also saw beyond that; he saw Yunho’s needs. At that moment, Jaejoong realized that Yunho needed Jae as much as Jae needed Yunho.

“Yunhoyah, you know there has never been another for me. You have been the only one I’ve EVER desired this way.”

Suddenly flashes of Changmin and Jaejoong kissing flashed through Yunho’s mind. Yunho’s mind began to panic. He was handing himself over to a man whom he had unknowingly loved and needed for years and yet just moments ago this same man’s lips had been touching another’s.

Jaejoong watched as the desire fled from Yunho’s eyes and as fear, uncertainty and vulnerability flashed across them.

“Yunho, what you saw earlier….”

Yunho shoved Jaejoong off of him. “If I’m the only one for you, then how could you have been kissing another person? You kissed Changmin for chrissake! How could you?” Yunho leaned down and picked up his shirt, clutching it to his chest, desperate to gain back some semblance of control.

Jaejoong was burning with desire...with love, and was determined to make Yunho understand all that he had been suffering. Jaejoong needed Yunho to know how desperate he had been for him. Jaejoong knew the moment Yunho’s mouth had met his, that they belonged to each other. A fierce possessiveness welled up within him.

Jaejoong grabbed Yunho and kissed him, hard. He thrust his tongue inside of Yunho’s mouth waging a war with it, and with himself. Yunho placed his hands on Jaejoong’s chest, his mind telling him to push away and yet he ended up fisting his hands in Jaejoong’s shirt.

Finally Yunho’s mind took control again and he pulled his mouth back. He wasn’t able to let go of Jae’s shirt though, showing the conflict between his heart and his mind.

“I…I…. I…need sometime Jae. I need time to process this. You, me, Min, there are too many things going on in my brain. I don’t even know what to think right now. I know what I’m feeling, and I’m painfully aware of what my body wants, but I need time to process.”

“Yunho, what you saw earlier, that was just Changmin’s hormones and my pent up need for you exploding. Yes, he kissed me and yes, I kissed him back. I won’t apologize for it because I promised him I wouldn’t. But, it wasn’t real. This is real. You. Me. We are real. It’s you I’ve always wanted; it was your name I moaned during that kiss. You were meant for me and I was meant for you. Can’t you feel this?” Jaejoong placed his hand over Yunho’s hand, which was directly above Jae’s frantically beating heart.

“I saw it in your eyes. For one brief second, I saw your heart and I know that I am there. Tell me I’m wrong, tell me Yunho, tell me…” Jae reached up with his other hand and caressed Yunho’s cheek.

One tear snaked its way down Yunho’s face. He loosened his hold on Jae and took one step back.

“I can’t.” Yunho stated, looking almost defeated, “I can’t.” He repeated as much for himself as for Jae. Yunho dropped his hands then, turned around and walked out the door, leaving Jaejoong behind once again.

Jaejoong’s heart continued to pound out a steady rhythm in his head as he sank to the floor, placed his head in his hands and wondered what he was going to do now.
Tags: fandom: tvxq, pairing: jaeho, pairing: jaemin, pairing: yoosu, pairing: yoosumin, rating: pg-13
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